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Name Van Gieson, Rainsford E.
Other Names Van Giesen, Ransford E.
Spouse Van Gieson, Mary Jane Laird
Notes Surgeon aboard U.S. Steamer "Galena" Fortress Monroe, Virginia during Civil War

Associated Records

Image of Van Gieson Leave of Absence - United States. Navy

Van Gieson Leave of Absence - United States. Navy

Leave of absence for two weeks from the USS Galena for Assistant Surgeon Ransford E. Van Gieson of the United States Navy in Philadelphia. Signed by Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy on May 25, 1863. The leave was delivered a day later by Leonard Paulding.

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Rainsford Van Gieson Envelope -

Envelope addressed to "Surgeon Rainsford Van Gieson / U.S. Steamer Galena / Fortress Munroe / Virginia." Postmarked May 11, Englishtown. Inscribed lower left corner May 1863 no 41. Written above that, "Rec'd. May 14, 1863". Light red three-cent Washington stamp, cancelled and torn at top.

Image of Ransford E. Van Giesen Assistant Surgeon Commission  - United States. Navy.

Ransford E. Van Giesen Assistant Surgeon Commission - United States. Navy.

Commission appointing Ransford E. Van Giesen to Assistant Surgeon in the Navy, dated April 14, 1862; signed Gideon Welles (Secretary of the Navy).

Image of Bicorn

Bicorn -

Navy Officer's dress hat from the Civil War. Black beaver, trimmed black gimp braid. On left side has black moire rosette with 4 strands heavy gold bullion-trimmed with 1 navy button, 1 black bow and gold bullion at each end. Hat shaped with two points, one front, one back with brim folded up higher than crown on sides. Worn in 1863 by Surgeon Rainsford Van Gieson, U.S. Steamer , Newport News, Fortress Munroe, Va. Hat stamped inside crown lining: Horstmann Maiden Lane Allen No. 8 New York

Image of Cap, Forage

Cap, Forage -

Forage type officer's cap, with leather peak. Gold Bullion insignia of rank (Navy surgeon) sewed in front. Made by Knox. Worn in 1863 by Surgeon Rainsford E. van Gieson, U.S. Steamer "Galena" Fortress Monroe, Virginia. Two Navy button trim at sides. The brim (b) is seperate from the rest of the hat (a).

Image of Epaulet

Epaulet -

Pair of Civil War epaulets-gold bullion in excellent condition. In original japaned tin box (A5011c) Worn in 1863 by Surgeon Ransfold Van Giesen U.S. Steamer "Galena" Fortress Monroe, Va. Epaulets (a and b) impressed on the brass under fitting with words Horstmann Bros. and Allen New York Lined with rose velvet and leather fringe caught at ends with fine wire. d-e) Shoulder bars with oak leaf and acorn

Image of Sword

Sword -

a. Officer's black leather sword belt and buckle from the Civil War, U.S. Navy. Brass buckle with an eagle design in the center of a leaf and vine circle. Two straps hang down from it, one shorther than the other. Each has a tarnished metal hook at the end. A brass button with a star on it is above each loop. b. Dress sword and scabbard (c). Etched blade made by "W.H. Horstmann and Sons, Philadelphia". Pommel has USN entwined in oak leaf on underside, and seaserpent decorations for handle. Naval symbols etched on blade. Scabbard is black leather with brass attachments. Brass rings attached to molded square knots. Bottom of scabbard has brass tip with sea serpent coiled around it. Wor

Image of Ambrotype

Ambrotype -

Ambrotype (Sixth plate size) of Surgeon Ransford Van Gieson. Portrait of a young man seated, his body is turned slightly to the right. Wearing a dark coat over a light patterned vest and whiteshirt with a large black bow tie with an added gold pin in its center. His hair is styled in an interesting manner. Brown leatherette case with central oval burst shape surrounded by filigree. Brass mat with architectural decoration, two columns and their entablature, accented with scroll work. Ornate beaded brass frame. Single hook and loop closure.